Suzie Innocent

Her name was Suzie Innocent, 

But Suzie was far from being innocent, 

At forty she was a woman in her prime, 

But little girls she hunted, 

12-16 years old she desired them, 

Right in their blooming ages, 

Not for herself but for the pedophiles.

She comes like a saint, 

Speaks like a philanthropist, 

Calms their fears with blissful deciet,

Promises fantasies and isolates them, 

Albeit, she turns when their lives they're thrusted to her hands.

Like a werewolf turns at full moon,

Suzie the saint becomes the sex-slave driver, 

With deaf eyes and monster-like attitude,

She destroys their dreams, cages their ambitions, 

Reality hits with a loud, endless thud, 

They had only wanted to work abroad to help their siblings back home, 

Helpless are the girls in her fist, 

But, their cries reached the heavens,

Suzie the mighty slept and never woke. 

Yours in scribbling, 

Nuraini, Nafisat Abdulrahman 

Shinning Gem


  1. Beautiful piece. So tragic that there aremany paedophiles out there on the

    1. Yes, it is even more tragic that they are highly connected and easily get away with those deeds, but it's relieving to know that there's always a day of reckoning.


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