She came in a pure white garment, 

Her dentition shone like the sun,

Her eyes dazzled, leaving all in wonderment, 

Her beauty was second to none, 

Her looks gave beauty meaning, 

She stood to defy all odds, 

She was like an angel whose presence was desired.

All trusted her easily, 

But a thousand shades was she, 

Like an onion with different hideous layers, 

Patience and lies she used so promptly, 

Anger and disdain she hid so skillfully, 

Leading them in prayer openly, alas, she cursed them inwardly,

She came as light but darkness she was,

Oddity she introduced in the name of uniqueness and modernity, 

She spat out her venom causing disunity quickly,

She was the deceiver.

Yours in scribbling, 

Nuraini,  Nafisat Abdulrahman 

Shinning Gem


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