5 Elements of a Blooming Relationship

Starting a relationship is not as easy as staying in or growing it especially when challenges come up. There are five elements that will help a relationship grow healthily and they'll be discussed in this article. A relationship without these is like a time bomb waiting to explode. 

1. Love: Love is what glues/holds a relationship together. If you love someone you wouldn't want to hurt them, you'll be selfless towards them and watch out for them always. Love your partner unreservedly. Love isn't just in saying the three magic words "I love you" but showing/acting it out. Sacrifices and compromises are easier when you're in love. 

Here's a quick one, love yourself first, if you don't know how to do that, you wouldn't know how to love others properly. Love is patient, kind, not envious, not self seeking etc (1 Corin 13).

2. Respect: Everyone deserves respect. First, you have to respect yourself (image and body), then your partner's. This will help the relationship grow healthily. Do not look down on your partner because you earn higher, they can't provide everything, they've gained a lot of weight, they are not too domesticated or they're not like others. Respect and help each other get better, respect their views and discuss discrepancies with empathy and understanding instead of abusing(physically, verbally, emotionally etc)  or comparing them with other people. If you want other people, why not simply be with them, instead of bruising your partner's self esteem and ego. 

3. Trust: A relationship without trust is obviously heading towards destruction/separation. Trust is a very fragile entity, it takes time to gain but, a second is enough to destroy trust. The truth is if you break the trust your partner repose in you, she might still be very much in love with you but might be scared to proceed because she wouldn't want her hope shattered again. It will also make it difficult to stand up for you when rumours fly around. Gaining trust back takes a lot of effort, try not to break that trust.  If there is trust in a relationship, it'll be difficult for people and circumstances to put asunder. Trust brings peace of mind even in the storm. 

4. Good Communication: Communication is the bedrock of any relationship. Having good communication skills is crucial to bonding with people. It puts you on the same page, eradicates distrust and both of you will be able to plan together without any being left behind. Most of the issues/misunderstandings that escalates quickly and eventually leads to a permanent rift, break up or divorce is as a result of poor communication. Communication and openness eases understanding.

5. Faith: When you have same belief, it helps you understand each other and get along better since one's belief is an intricate of his life and value system. Praying and studying together will bond and help you see things in the same way.

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