The stench of perfume wafted through the air, 

Stale perfume intertwined with sweat oozed out of pores, 

Even the air was stagnant, old and fermented, 

Choking and steaming was it, 

Their lungs longed for breathable air, 

Throbbing veins graced their temples, 

Skin sagged, muscles appeared like empty sacs, 

Mediocrity and comfort had they stabbed, sacrifice they had embraced, 

Diligence and resilience accompanied them, 

They kept staring at the hill, 

Strength mixed with satisfaction, 

In high spirited drudgery, 

They staggered on like possessed men, 

It was home and hope,

Love, strength and peace, 

The house on the hill was their prize. 

Yours in scribbling, 

Nuraini, Nafisat Abdulrahman

Shinning Gem


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