New Beginning

Draining her pillow with salty water, 

Her eyes were a red ocean, 

Aching head, a disturbed mind, 

Her thoughts flowed irrationally, 

They danced fuzzily in her head, 

Sleep slipped in and snuggled her up,

The night embraced her with stingy cold. 

Amanda woke up slowly, 

He had broke up into the new year, 

Her previous year's plans never worked, 

Her eyes watered again,

Her will drained with the tears, 

But a ray penetrated through her window, 

From her eyes to her soul, 

She stood up gracefully, 

It was a new beginning, hers it was,

She would start with a new strength, sharper vision and resilience, 

A start with no end it'll be,

Her beginning would begin again, 

Her plans weren't to be abandoned but battled better, 

She was grateful for another chance.

Nuraini, Nafisat Abdulrahman

Shinning Gem


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