When Best to Take Water to Avoid Falling Sick

Water is life, therefore, it is a necessity to healthy living and crucial to our survival. It is said to make up 70% of our body. It is necessary for proper functioning of our internal organs and our body at large. Water plays a lot of roles in our well-being which a good number of people are oblivious of. This article is set to enlighten you on when best to take water (asides when you're thirsty) and the required quantity. 

1. Take two glasses of water after waking up. Studies have shown that it helps our internal organs get activated. This also helps free our body from toxins and other waste (since it'll encourage release/ejection of those things from our system).

2. Drinking water before meal does not only stop overeating, it also aids digestion. A glass of water 30 minutes to meal time is highly recommended. 

3. A good way of watching your blood pressure is through intake of water. Having a glass of water before shower helps lower your blood pressure. 

4. A glass of water minutes before bed hinders stroke and heart attack. Water generally helps prevent serious health conditions. 

5. A glass of water after arriving home help relaxes the body. 

6. Regular intake of water prevents dehydration (dehydration causes a lot of health issues). 

7. Sufficient quantity of water relieves us of constipation (this works even better with fruits, vegetables and exercise).


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